Enfora quad band CF card


Gsm0110sleevePocket PC and Sony U owners who are looking for a CF based GSM solution for internet connectivity should take note of the Enfora GSM0110 CF card.  The Enfora is a quad band card (850/900/1800/1900MHz) that ships with both Pocket PC and Windows 2000/XP drivers.  There is an optional battery pack available to allow extended operation without draining the handheld’s battery.  MobileTechReview has a complete review of the Enfora with photos of the device and the software that ships with the CF card.  The card comes with a PCMCIA sleeve for use with any notebook computer but the card should work directly in the CF slot of the Sony U.

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I got the same problem… no CD.
If anybody has the software CD or at least an XP/Vista driver for sale/share, PLEASE, let me know.


Caveat emptor. I bought one of these cards from Prime Electronics who offers no software CD or drivers.

My first mistake was figuring that Enfora would provide these drivers and software as free downloads. This is not the case.

I contacted their support people asking if they would sell me the driver and software CD. They will not, claiming that due to licensing agreements with BVRP that they cannot sell them.

I contacted BVRP’s support people asking if they would sell me the CD or support them with their latest versions of their software. They do not as well.

All 3 of these companies are jerks, so I will lie, cheat or steal or bribe anyone to get the CD.

If anyone has the CD please make a way to get it available by any legitimate means.


I wonder how this compares in performance with the Audiovox RTM8000 and the Pretec GSM-GPRS card that have been around for over a year now. Its good to see more and more of these devices being put into production.


This device works on a GSM mobile network which I believe is the standard type of network in the EU.


I’m not very familiar with these kind of devices, but can you tell me what I would need in order to get this thing to work? Does it require some kind of special network (I live in the netherlands, europe), or does it work via the normal mobile phone line?

Thanks in advance JK!

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