Turn air into water- Dolphin 2


Dolphin2_small1This spring you will be able to turn air into water with the Dolphin 2 by Air2Water.  Picture a water dispenser that requires no bottleS and no pipes and you have the Dolphin 2 which not only converts air into potable water but serves it up either hot or cold.  No word on pricing but if it’s not too expensive this sounds like the perfect solution to ending those water deliveries.

The Dolphin 2™ will provide membrane filtered, UV-purified and treated hot and cold water without the inconvenience of buying water refills, storing used and unused water bottles, and troublesome piping. Not only will the Dolphin 2™ provide hassle-free water, it will provide filtered water on demand. The temperature units’ heating elements will not only maintain water temperature, but also provide a quick temperature recovery for steaming hot water.

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Actually there is a large scale version.. Our company is working with several Countries on huge self sustained water generating plants. That would supply water to thousands of homes with a single tap.
We also have the AWG-2000, it is about the size of an 18 wheeler trailer and can produce up to 6,000 gallons of water just from air. Again this can be self sustained.
We do have various home units as well.

Thor boeck

have you ever thought about going large scale with equipment like this, maybe helping out a country that is in desperate need of water

Rick Lobrecht

I wish they had more info on their site about required humidity. This may work ok in Houston, but Scotsdale probably won’t get acceptable performance.

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