PSPVideo9 for Sony Ericsson P 800/900/910


sony ericsson p900PSPVideo9 can translate your torrent content to fit the new Sony PSP. But it does more than that. It lets you put that and any other type of video content on anyone of the Sony Ericsson P 800/900/910 smart phones. Munsif Ali Rashid points out that he has used this software to convert videos to a format that works with the P800, P900 and P910i phones. All three use slightly different video formats. Mun points out high end tools like PacketVideo can do the same, but PSPVideo9 is free. You need to have SonyEricsson PC suite installed. Create a new profile in PSPVideo9, say smart phone, and use video dimensions of 240 X 156 (P800 users should use 192×165, Muni informs) and scale the bit rate to 145 kbps. Get rest of the instructions over on Muni’s weblog.


lizette noel

i am in love with this phone,it has everything i need in it. love it


i have transfer the file through infrared. when i run the simle jar file. i am getting the error: invalid manifest file. but its running fine in my computer. tell me the solution asap.

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