Akihabara News reviews the Sharp Muramasa mini-notebook


It may not have the fastest processor but the Sharp Muramasa is a full notebook in a package just slightly bigger than a PDA.  The great geek site Akihabara News has reviewed this little jewel and have lots of photos and information about the Sharp.  The Muramasa weighs less than 2 pounds and packs a 7.2" screen that runs a whopping 1280×768 and has dedicated video.  Check out the review for the full scoop and especially note in the photo below from the review that they hired Michael Jackson to do the photos for the review.  Just kidding.




msafi, I am working on it right now. My schedule was messed up due to jury duty. It’s coming soon, I promise. :)


and where’s your review of that little JVC notebook JK? i have been waiting for it.


>>just slightly bigger than a PDA

Uhm, looks about three times the size there bub


Thanks for the link.

Interesting, more and more folks are comparing the Sony U’s to subnotebooks like the Sharp Muramasa and Sony X505.

Looks like the OQO is in a class by itself- a handtop.

What is also interesting is that the Transmeta Efficeon TM8600 has finally brought some power to the brand because they mention that it “overpowers” the U50.

I wonder how the U750P or U71P compare?

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