SBC DSL for $20-a-month


Looks like the competition between cable and phone companies is getting fierce. Broadband Reports uses say that SBC has started offering its $19.95 DSL deal to all comers including existing subscribers. Initially the company had offered the deal to new customers who were willing to sign-up for the $49-a-month ‘All Distance’ plan. Now the report says, SBC is offering the $19.95 to all new customers (if they sign up online) as well as existing customers (if they call in and request a rate change.) The deal ends March 31, 2005, so folks you got about four days to get your act together.


Chris Yeh

Thanks Om! For those who don’t want to click through, the info is as follows:

Just talked again to DSL retention and got re-rated to the $19.95 rate without the LD bundle.

Call 1-877-722-3755; select “order products & services”; ask to speak with the “DSL retention department.”

Om Malik

chris if you click over to broadband reports you will get that information – its right up in the post, and then you can hit them with the news

Chris Yeh


Quick clarification. I just called SBC, and they claim that as an existing subscriber, I need to sign up for the All Distance plan in order to get the price. The customer service rep did say that I could cancel my account, and then sign up online, but the prospect of being without service for several days did not appeal to me. Is there a special number to call?

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