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EVDB, like CDDB for events & venues.

Talk about always on connectivity and the magic it can do for mundane tasks such as looking up movie reviews, CD and record information, and track listings. In about 48 hours or so EVDB, aka Events Database will go live. Taking a cue from weblogs and open media platforms, EVDB is building a giant events and venues database. (An Internet 2.0 company?) Clever idea actually. 777film and Fandango made all movie-info available a click away, and EVDB can have the same impact. Spoke to Brian Dear who is burning the midnight oil these days to get the beta out before end of March. By all indications site could go live by Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at least for beta testing. The company is going to announce some funding related news shortly – Draper Fisher, Omidyar Network and Esther Dyson are among those investing money into this company.