Egress- RSS for the Pocket PC


Egress is a full featured RSS Reader for the Pocket PC that has been recently updated with a host of new capabilities.  Egress will work with all standard RSS formats and also work directly with podcasts and Bloglines feeds.  Here’s a complete feature list from our friends at BostonPocketPC:

Egress_anim* Supports RSS (.09, .91, .92 and 2.0), RDF (1.0), and ATOM (0.3)
* Supports landscape orientation using PocketPC 2003SE
* Integrates with Today
* Support for Bloglines synchronized channels – NEW in 2.1
* Caches and displays inline images
* Add new channel wizard – NEW in 2.0
* Can cache web pages for later display using PocketIE – NEW in 2.0
* Integrated HTML browser for cached web pages – NEW in 2.1
* Can download enclosures (Podcasting support) – NEW in 2.0
* Configurable item sort – NEW in 2.0
* Background download of feeds
* Supports HTTP proxies
* Configurable item retention (configurable by channel – NEW in 2.0)
* Configurable news feed storage location
* Configurable fonts and colors
* Supports alternate web browsers
* Supports Radio Userland style automatic subscription (Web page coffee mug icon)

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