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Student Tablet PC reviews OrangeGuava

I have mentioned OrangeGuava a lot both on this blog and on The Tablet PC Show because it is a unique program that adds a lot of utility to the Tablet PC.  Trying to describe what the program does is difficult, it is one of those applications you must see for yourself.  Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC has written a good review of OrangeGuava where she describes how she uses the program and what it adds to the user experience.  I recommend this review to anyone who is curious about OrangeGuava who might be trying to get their head around this innovative program.


2 Responses to “Student Tablet PC reviews OrangeGuava”

  1. vsc, there are no performance issues on the U750 at all. The program runs well and you only have a minor inconvenience due to the passive touchscreen which makes it necessary to do a lot of right clicks on the U. The program runs very well and the ActiveWords integration is pretty sweet.