IOGEAR Bluetooth Optical Mini Mouse


I was excited to get my hands on this little mouse – and I mean little! It’s the perfect size for my 3 year old son to use, and he loves that. It’s definitely for travel purposes – I don’t think I’d recommend it for regular day to day use or you’re sure to end up with carpal-tunnel before you know it. But in order to bring accurate news and reviews to our faithful readers, I’ve used it regularly for 2 weeks, sacrificing my personal health in the process.

The quality is very high, and with the included 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, it’s got a nice little heft to it. It’s really just enough to let you know you’re moving something around in your hand – not so much that you’ll notice its added weight in your laptop bag.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Bluetooth Pairing process, the Manual provides detailed instructions for both Windows and OS X installations. There’s no software included or necessary. I had mine paired and in use in about 2 minutes’ time. I had hoped to test it on both my Powerbook and a Windows PC, but none of my office’s Windows machines have Bluetooth installed.

The optical tracking can be a bit jumpy on shiny surfaces (which is mentioned in the manual). I’ve got a lacquered oak desk at home where I began testing it, and while it was bearable, I’d bring a mouse pad or have a non-reflective surface for extended periods of use. (The dull desk surface at my day office had no problems with the optical tracking.) For you spec nerds out there, it’s got 800 dpi resolution for superior tracking (on appropriate surfaces). It’s also able to function up to 66 feet from your computer, so it’s great for presentations, or even ‘remote’ controlling your system if you care to use it in such a fasion.

The mouse come with 2 rechargeable AAA batteries, as well as a USB cable for recharging it when the tracking gets sluggish. You can even use the mouse while it’s charging, but then that would defeat the purpose of the wireless Bluetooth connectivity then, wouldn’t it? Still, it’s nice to have options. After a few minutes of inactivity (I believe it’s about 15) the mouse will put itself to sleep and the connection with the computer will close. A little jiggle of the mouse and a few seconds later you’re back in business. Use the Off button when the mouse is not in use, and the batteries will last much longer. (In my regular use for about 2 weeks, I’ve not had to charge the batteries yet.)

I should also mention that the USB cable is the standard connection size, so it’s nice to have in my bag for whenever I may need to download photos from my digital camera.

You even get a nice silver, oversize egg-shaped and zippered carrying case for your mouse and the USB/charging cable. Great for protecting the device from all the other stuff that may be floating around in your laptop bag during transport. It’s actually large enough to comfortably fit the mouse, the USB cable, an iPod Shuffle, and the ear buds.

As I mentioned earlier, it is tiny – the dimensions are 1.5in wide, 3.25 in long, and 1.125in tall. IOGEAR’s product page states, “For Mobile and Graphics Professionals”. I agree with the Mobile part, but I don’t know that a Graphic Artist would want to use this tiny mouse all day long. I guess my hands are probably average in size, and after regular use for an hour there was a bit of fatigue to be felt. But to use on an infrequent basis while traveling, or at least moving around a lot with your laptop, this would be a good option to try out.

Overall, I’m pleased with the IOGEAR Bluetooth Optical Mini Mouse and I’m glad to have it in my bag whenever I’m out and about with my Powerbook. If you’re in the market for a portable mouse, and don’t mind the extremely small size, I’d highly recommend you check this product out before you look anywhere else.

Check it out on IOGEAR’s website, where it retails for $69.95.



Wow, too bad my boss got these for us. 5 total. I am using one of them and it seems to keep disconnecting if i dont use it for a few minutes. I try to work my way thru windows using my keyboard only and try to refresh the connection, it works but i have to keep doing it! Freekin anoying!!!

Adam Dewitt

I got this mouse at christmas and in all of the hype of the season i threw away the installation cd can someone plzz post me a zip download or something?


Same problem, love the size but it keeps cutting out on me, iogear unresponsive? Don’t know, bought it at Staples too. Think I just may take it back. Thanks


this mouse is garbage, it worked the fisrt few days i had it then it stopped, it drives me crazy how difficult it is to start up, it worked for the first time yesterday in three weeks, i would rather use the old rolling ball mouse that was built into the keyboard, remember those things? don’t purchase this device, you’ll reget it


It bothers me whenever I hear about a company not backing up their products. Thanks Arrow127 and Brain for describing your experience with IOGEAR and this particular product. I was interested in buying four of these for myself and others, but not anymore. I’ll spend my money someplace else.


I have gone through a similar experience as arrow127. My little cute mouse stopped working with no apparant reason. I took it back to Staples, the retailer and, although the return period had elapsed, they still offered a replacement. Prior to taking them on their offer to replace, I tried the replacement unit in the store, and guess what? It had exactly the same problem as the original unit I had purchased before (potential design/manufacturing issue). You turn the tiny switch underneath on and it gives you a second-long red flash before it dies off. This vicious circle repeats itself endlessly no matter how many times you try.
Wondering if I contacted IOGEAR for help? You bet I did. They processed my claim over the phone, politely, and gave me a nice case number. A couple of days later, I get that funny e-mail with detailed instructions and disclaimers (!) on how to ship the faulty unit back to California and make sure to undertake courier and insurance charges as well as full responsibility for n-route loss or damages. Ironically, the instructions came from a department they call “Customer Advocacy”. I argued back that such arrangement was unfair and hardly justifies the cost, let alone the inconvenience on the part of the customer they are trying to “advocate” for. I asked them to show decency and stand behind their product, given the diruptions they caused. No response what so ever. I left the Customer Advocacy Manager voice mails and e-mail reminders. No response at all. I asked for the name and contact on their CEO. Again no response. It’s not a matter of giving up 60-70 Dollars. I think these people are not seriously in business and are missing out on the concept of quality, big time.
In conclusion: I would strongly advise against purchasing any IOGEAR product, given the experience.


the concept of this mouse to use with an enabled bluetooth laptop is a great idea, providing it continues to work. my first one failed after 2 weeks of usage on my vacation and to get a warranty replacement i had to supply an original receipt (at home of course)leaving me to struggle withe laptop pad.
to claim the warranty, i had to prepay the charges of $20 (50% of the original cost) to return the defective mouse. after a 4 week wait i received a replacement and guess what, after a very short time the same failure. here goes a noval idea out of the window. a second warranty claim ends up to pay for the mouse twice with no guaranty of reliability. IOGEAR is a wastebasket product in my mind. arrow


I have the same mouse and use it under windows. I actually like the small size as it seems more precise. However, I do have a problem with it disconnecting every 15 minutes or so. I’m wondering if it is just my mouse, if all these mice do it, or if it’s my computer but I don’t have any good way to determine this.

Nick Santilli

Funny you should make that comment Joe.
My 3 yo has gotten a couple of games that are PC only, and I’ve got an older Logitech Trackman Marble hooked up to it. He does pretty well with it – better than a stand alone mouse at this point. (Though he’s gotten the hang of the trackpad on my powerbook pretty well too. I’m a very proud geek/dad!)

But yeah, one of those Kensington’s with the huge trackball would probably be a great place to start. let me know if you go that route!

Joe Weaks

I’ve been under the impression that a nice, big trackball is actually the best thing to get for my three year old to use. What do you think?

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