Bill tells you why VCs never say no


Bill Burnham, a good pal and a fellow blogger has finalized his future plans – he is starting Celsius Capital with Carlos Bhola, who by the way is a cofounder of Vonage. The new fund will raise $150 million, and invest in IT/Software in US and China. Bill who made his bones at CSFB and then at Mobius is going to be logging up a lot of air-miles. He is a straight shooter, and today he explains why VCs rarely say no to a potential investor. They tend to string along the entrepreneurs, because they are worried that he or she might actually turn out to be a future superstar and might hold a grudge against them. In this sense Silicon Valley and Silicon-e Valley are no different – you really cannot take anyone at face value. Still watch for Bill’s second installment in this series!



Looks like Woo Kim quit Celcius Capital in addition to Bill Burnham

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