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Bertelsmann Launches New P2P Download Platform

Bertelsmann,which co-owns the world’s second-largest music label Sony BMG together with Sony Corp and used to be involved in the p2p business via Napster, has launched GNAB, a new p2p white service targeted at “mobile phone operators, Internet providers or TV stations”. Companies using GNAB can “offer their clients legal downloads of large files under their own brand… it could also allow (the consumers) to share the files they have received over the network, effectively outsourcing the storage of the files and their download to the users of the network.”

I’m not sure how this will work in the mobile world, especially with operators resisting the “all you can eat” model of data pricing. If people are paying per MB for data they probably won’t want to pay for the content on top of that. Even if they did, I doubt they’d be happy to incur data costs for someone to receive files from their device, which I think will be the real sticking point. If users do pay a fixed cost for unlimited data I doubt the operators will be happy with them using a lot of it.

I’m sure Bertelsmann has thought about all of this and come up with solutions – I’ll be interested to see what they are. (from our sister site, Billboardpostplay)