The birth of the notebook


I have written many times about early mobile devices and my experiences with them.  The evolution of mobile gadgets and notebook computers is an amazing one considering where they started when you look at what we have available today.  Marc Orchant pointed me to a new article that has been published in Mobile PC Magazine titled appropriately "The Birth of the Notebook".  The author takes us down memory lane with accounts of the Osborne, the Epson HX-20 and winds us all the way to the dimunitive OQO of today’s market.  There are two lists in this article that mobile aficionados will find very interesting.  The first lists the author’s picks of critical mobile computers that helped define the evolution of the notebook computer and the second lists the worst mobile computers of all time.  I am happy to report I never owned any of the computers on the latter list.  Great read and worth checking out.



Good article, but I think Radio Shack was out with the Model 100 before Epson, and although it didn’t have a full featured word processor, it was programmable and could do rudimentary processing.

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