Texas sues Vonage for inadequate 911 service


I mentioned a few weeks back that VoIP providers like Vonage are not providing typical 911 service for customers who go with this service in the home.  Emergency 911 enhanced service, which is the service that provides the operator with the location of the caller, is either not available or in a form that requires special activation or fees before it will work as expected.

CNET reports the Attorney General of Texas has sued Vonage for deceptive trade practices that leaves consumers unaware that their 911 service will not work as expected.

In the U.S. District Court suit, announced Tuesday, Attorney General Greg Abbott alleges that Vonage doesn’t "clearly disclose the lack of traditional 911 access" nor adequately inform its customers they must first sign up for the free 911 service. Such an omission violates state law dealing with deceptive trade practices, the state attorney general alleges. The state is asking for civil penalties of more than $20,000 and an injunction requiring more conspicuous disclosure.

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