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James Kendrick and Marc Orchant sit down for a solid hour and discuss a wide range of Tablet PC related topics in The Tablet PC Show #3. Join us as we cover everything from an Apple iTablet to the Tablet PC goes to the rodeo. We hope you enjoy the show and ask for your comments, suggestions and any questions you might have about the Tablet PC. We sure had fun recording this show for you so let us know what you think.

The Tablet PC Show #3 – 23rd March 2005 (01hr 03min 58sec): MP3 – 22MB

00:00 Intro JK & MO

01:40 Eric Mack wants a Tablet PC right now and can’t get one

Toshiba Portege M200 vs. Fujitsu T4010D

Lora Heiny to the rescue

06:15 New Fujitsu & the high-res display

Motion ViewAnywhere display option

Shared graphic memory vs. dedicated memory

12:28 Wnewquay’s Tablet PC Rationalizer

Tablet PC Thoughts & Ideas

15:25 Toshiba TV ad for the Tablet PC

Will HP follow suit?

18:30 MyWebEx PC– Using ink on a non-Tablet desktop


Mirra server

26:20 Josh Einstein’s TEO top download on Tablet PC Post

29:25 Quick message from The Podcast Network

30:45 Tablet PCs go to the rodeo

36:17 Future interviews coming

Grammar and blogs

38:15 Apple and the iTablet

Of marketing and Newtons

Tom Peter’s Reimagine and the importance of design

Apple’s elegant interfaces

Inkwell technology

48:50 OrangeGuava integrates with ActiveWords

Anagram and ActiveWords make Marc’s computer smarter

OrangeGuava video demonstration

1:01:50 Wrap up and Marc utters the “t” word

Getting ready for techADDICTION and hello to Kevin

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