Amazon offering $35 rebate on 10.4


10.4 Tiger DVD

Amazon is offering a US$35 mail-in rebate on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, the next major version of Apple’s powerful operating system. Amazon is selling 10.4 for $129.99, so the price will be $94.99 after the rebate. This offer qualifies for Amazon’s Super Saver free shipping and is valid on all orders placed by May 31st, 2005. The rebate offer is valid until July 1st, 2005.

UPDATE: 10.4 is not currently available for sale at Amazon, nor is it currently available for pre-ordering at this time.



When I checked this earlier today, I was able to see it. I even pre-ordered mine with the rebate info.
I’ve got an email confirmation from Amazon that states my order SHOULD ship on May 27th…

Interesting… Now that it’s gone, I can only assume it’s for real that Tiger will be out in about 6 weeks…


You are correct, and I will update the entry to reflect that. The rebate form is displayed, and is at the bottom of the linked page.

Irwin Lazar

On the Amazon page it says that Tiger is not currently available, there is no way to place an order. Also, the rebate form is not displayed.

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