Vaio wireless keyboard with touchpad


Sony U owners who are willing to pay to be stylish and want a wireless keyboard and mouse to use with your docked UPC should have a look at the Vaio VGP-WKB1.  The Sony keyboard and mouse not only looks good but has a couple of features that U owners might really like.  The keyboard sports low profile keys like those found on most Vaio notebook computers and has a full touchpad right on the keyboard.  It also folds in on itself for storage.  Of course, the VGP-WKB1 really works with any computer.  $150.


(Akiba PC Hotline via Gizmodo)



If you have a large-screen TV/monitor, or plan to dock with one in the future, this keyboard has a combination of advantages that I haven’t seen in others:

1. 32-foot/10-meter range.
2. claimed non-interference (other 2.4GHz keyboards have been reported to interfere with other wireless devices)
3. integrated trackpad (can surf from the couch with only the keyboard on your lap)

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