PubSub LinkRanks Dead


One of my favorite features in the whole social media space, PubSub link ranks is dead, gone, kaput, finish. The company pulled it because it got spammed and thus broken. Remind me never to take start-ups seriously, for you never know when something cool is going to vanish.

We’re sorry that it has taken longer than anticipated to complete our new and improved package of weblog metrics. In the very near future we anticipate going live with a set of weblog statistics (including LinkRanks) that will reflect interesting trends we see in monitoring over 9,000,000 weblogs


Om Malik

You know Bob we love linkranks. only true measure of who’s hot and who’t not in the blog space

Bob Wyman

Om, sorry for the inconvenience, LinkRanks will be returning shortly. Please accept our apologies for taking so long to get the new formula refined…

bob wyman

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