MobileTechReview looks at the Scribbler SC2200

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Scribbler_2200_uprightElectrovaya is known for batteries and have stuffed that technology into every Scribbler Tablet PC they have produced.  Their latest offering is no exception with  run times of over 8 hours with WiFi running constantly.  MobileTechReview has published a thorough review of the Scribbler SC2200 and have some very good things to say about this new Tablet.

If you need a notebook or tablet with the stamina to last a workday away from an outlet, the Scribbler is for you. Attractive and well-made, the unit exudes quality and has a feature-set to match. The display is sharp and bright by tablet standards, making it an attractive proposition for business users and graphic artists. The SC 2200 is pricey, but you certainly get what you pay for. Go for the Standard or Premium models over the Base, as the keyboard/cover is indispensable and you’ll need more than 256 megs of RAM.

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James, I think your photo is a mirror image of the Scribbler. Actually I had an eighth grade teacher who could write in mirror image, so maybe that Scribbler is right for her. It was very weird to watch.

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