How To Save The Internet?


Viruses, hackers, spam, junk, phishing… it is the wild west out there which is going to cause the Internet to buckle under its own weight. Professor Hannu H. Kari of the Helsinki University of Technology last year had made headlines when he postulated that the growth rates of viruses, worms, spam, phishing and spyware, and “bad people who want to create chaos,” would cause the Internet to “collapse!” In 2006. CIO magazine gets a whole bunch of security experts together and asks them if we can really put Humpty back together again. Some of the ideas are simply too loopy or reflect a bureaucratic mind set.


Will Pate

“Viruses, hackers, spam, junk, phishing” for 4/5 of the instances you’ve given, email is the security hole.

Where email fails in a lack of authentication or confirmation of identity when communication is made between one entity (an organization) to another (a person), RSS does works just fine. Let’s replace the use of email for communication about accounts with RSS.

Om, I’m interested to hear your opinion on this, as someone that has a 100,000 foot view.

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