Can you get the new RSS feed?


Just testing the new RSS feed as some people are reporting trouble.   If you can’t get the feed properly please post a comment or send me an email. Thanks.


Nicole Simon

It is kind of funny to ask people if ‘this’ feed is working.

But perhaps it might help you, that formatting in firefox is ugly – not only on your feed.


It actually loads fine in Firefox now, it didn’t when you first posted it though. It kept trying to save as an XML file.

Works and looks great in Bloglines by the way.


Oliver, sorry to get your hackles up. The reason I can’t fix it is because it is apparently the way Feedburner formats the feed and I have no control over that. The reason I made the changes to Feedburner was to allow intelligent formatting of the feed with the entire articles displayed, something a lot of people have been beating me up for.

You can continue to use the old feed which you indicated was working fine in Thunderbird. Sorry I am unable to keep everyone happy at the same time. My intent is not to upset readers. I do hope you will stick around.

Oliver Sturm

Well, that’s a great attitude. You know, I’m reading 87 feeds in Thunderbird, I just counted. Yours is the only one using feedburner, IIRC, and it’s also the only one that’s not working (or working in that peculiar fashion, I should say). So you know what? I’m just not going to read it.

Can’t help but wonder why you were asking, if you can’t be bothered to fix any problems that might actually be found. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but what kind of issue were you trying to solve by making the changes?

Robin Capper

Its OK here & I prefer full article feeds. I’m using Feedburner on my blogs but still offer the TypePad generated feed if preferred. Doesn’t help with the stats but better to have an “uncounted reader” than loose them.


Thanks Marc, it’s working fine for me in all the standard aggregators and directly in IE. It does not display properly directly in FireFox but that is beyond my control as it is a FeedBurner issue.

Oliver, sorry it’s not displaying well in Thunderbird but it works in all the other aggregators I’ve tried.

All of these issues were forefront in my hesitation to change what’s been working well. I am happy to put the entire articles in the feed but it greatly complicates the support issues in addition to other reasons I mentioned in the original post.

Oliver Sturm

I can get it, but it’s crap in Thunderbird (used as an RSS reader). Previously, I could see your HTML format article page directly when clicking on a post (like it usually is, in all the feeds I read anyway), now I only see the textual content, without proper formatting or anything. I have to use the link to open the proper web page in an external browser.

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