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To answer the wishes of many I have updated to a new RSS feed to better accomodate having full articles in the feed. Please update the jkOnTheRun feed URL in your reader to the following as the old one will soon disappear:


or use the orange button on the right sidebar that looks like this:


Sam Wayne

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Patrick S

Patrick Sheffler is one of the Top income earners in the marketing industry. Owning his own advertising company. Patrick promotes health and wellness, fitness training, marketing home businesses through being a mentor and a coach. He reaches people and teaches them the tools for success through leadership and integrity.

Randy Zlobec

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Marketing Services offers real estate marketing campaigns for developers, home owners, agents, and brokers.


Mike, I just checked Bloglines and you are correct they are not updating the feed since Mar 23. I am trying to get in contact with Bloglines to find out why the feed is not being updated. As near as I can tell they are the only one not picking up and updating the feed for some reason. I’ll post back here when I find out what’s going on. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Mike Goggin

I haven’t received any updates using the new feed since the “eReader offers Symbian version” item “Posted on: Tue, Mar 22 2005 11:07 AM”.

I’m using the Bloglines web reader at http://www.bloglines.com if that matters.

Right now it shows the latest update to the feed being “Updated Wed, Mar 23 2005 3:05 AM “.

Any assstance will be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.


I always thought it was Jake…

Sorry James :-(


BTW – Love your site, glad I could help a bit.


>> OK, I’ll be Jake today.

Oops! Sorry about that, jk! It was 4am, after all… ;-)


OK, I’ll be Jake today. :) Thanks for the tip, Dan.

The feed now works fine in a bunch of different aggregators except Thunderbird, which I can’t do anything about. It displays perfectly directly in IE but not Firefox, again, it’s a feedburner issue and I can’t do anything about that.

Thanks for the feedback.

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