TabletFlash update coming


Loren Heiny (Incremental Blogger) informs us:

TabletFlash update almost ready

Just finished an update to TabletFlash–a Tablet PC flash card program.

The biggest change? The cards now have a back side so you can write your answers there. I also made several enhancement and bug fixes with ink locking, accelerators, card sequencing, supporting the scratch out gesture, and more.

We’re finalizing a couple sample decks and if everything goes as planned I’ll submit the new version to TabletPCPost this weekend.

Next up is to finalize and post the RTF ink-based copy-editing applet. This app is going to take a bit more work in terms of testing, but I’ve been sitting on it too long and I know it’s time to put the program into the wild.

Loren develops great software for educators and students and it sounds like this new version of TabletFlash will be a winner.

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