jkOnTheRun full article feed experiment

Readers who follow jkOnTheRun through the RSS feed will notice something different today.  I get a lot of feedback from readers who hate the fact that the jkOTR feed only shows a snippet of the article.  There are a number of people who follow the site who prefer to get the entire article through the RSS feed and I have been going back and forth about accomodating them.  Let’s face it, blogs exist to let the author be read by as many people as possible and this is the best way to accomplish that.  The problem that bloggers have when they put entire articles in the feed is the possibility of greatly reducing the traffic to the blog which is what helps cover the costs of running the blog.  It’s a dilemma without an easy answer.  So starting today I am going to put the entire article in the feed and keep an eye on the site traffic for a few days and see what the impact is.  Please don’t get mad in the future if I go back to only providing a bit of each article again.  It’s not because I don’t want to make everyone happy- it’s economic.  Anyway, enjoy it while it’s here.  And thanks everyone for helping jkOTR along in its phenomenal growth.  I really appreciate your support.


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