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Jeff Hawkins doing his thing again

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jeff hawkinsMy colleague Damon Darlin points out over at business2blog that “Jeff Hawkins, the inventor of the PalmPilot, Handspring, and the Treo, just announced at PC Forum that he is going to start a new, and as-yet-unnamed, company based on brain research he has been pursuing at his Redwood Neuroscience Institute.” Does this mean he is resigning as CTO of Palm One? Or does it also mean that things are getting hairy inside Palm and he is deciding to bail out before the iceberg meets the company? Timing of this is pretty awkward, given that PalmOne is out selling its vision to investors on the east coast.

4 Responses to “Jeff Hawkins doing his thing again”

  1. Jeff Hawkins

    I have no intention of leaving palmOne or changing the amount of time I work there. I said so in my talk yesterday. Basically I split my time between palmOne and RNI and have been doing so for several years. What is changing is that I will spend less time at RNI so I have some time for the new business.

  2. I really don’t think this indicates any trouble for PalmOne – though I can see why Jeff might be feeling it is not as challenging anymore. I remember him expressing his ideas of working in the area of intelligence atleast an year ago.

  3. You should check out his new book, ‘On Intelligence.’ A great read and a good glimpse into what he plans on doing next. I also love his ideas about natural intellgience vs. artificial intelligence. Could it have applications for search technology? Hmm…