Its a Tween Thang

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Tweens, also known as the sixth grade set, are the newest wireless demographic. They want their toys and they want their mobile phones, and parents, well they better suck-up and spend the dollars. Or perhaps deal with surly kids for a long long time. (Hey maybe this could be a theme for a WB show!)

“It’s cool and popular,” Patty, a sixth-grader in Valrico, Fla., said of her reason for wanting the mobile phone. “And I can talk to my friends and talk to my dad and mom.”

The reason parents are letting them have these phones is because cellphone companies are offering really cheap family plans where additional lines cost sometimes as little as $10 a month. It shows that the market is getting as mature as it can get, and the wireless penetration could be hitting a peak. Still, tweens represent good money for companies who are making “tween” phones. Companies like Firefly Mobile and Tiger Electronics. (more)

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