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FCC may say no to Naked DSL

California wants SBC to sell naked DSL, but FCC is saying – don’t even think about it. In case People’s Republic of California gets away with it, then well every state is going to come up with its own set of rules for naked DSL. Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana – all states in the home territory for BellSouth are contemplating naked DSL. Which cannot be good. It makes sense for FCC to articulate a coherent policy which is more for the consumers, and less favorable to the mega carriers. Actually things are getting touch for consumers when it comes to broadband options. The Brand-X case hearing is coming up, and if the independents lose this one, well hello to broadband duoply and goodbye competition. Many believe that if cable guys get away with denying ISPs right of passage on their networks, phone companies will also get the same privilege. Oh man… oh! [Via} More on naked DSL!