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We, Us, They, Them…Whatever

Fred Wilson says there are two kind of companies – we companies, and they companies. Well we companies are the ones that are supposed to thrive because of their community, sort of like Craigslist. They companies include Microsoft and Apple (because it is charging for putting its stamp of approval on iPod accessories.) Okay there is a reason, why he cannot cite more “we” company examples. In fact, all companies are they companies. In fact companies are just companies. Business, simply put is about making money. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you sell, you want to make as much money as you can get away with. Rest of the arguments are simply blogger-version of throat clearing. We is a good way to describe a community, and community doesn’t mean a company. Scoble be grateful that Microsoft is a they company – gives you a lot to write about. Its “they profits” which let them figure out how to do a “tablet PC.”

5 Responses to “We, Us, They, Them…Whatever”

  1. Brady Joslin

    I agree that in reality most companies are “they” entities, but perhaps the illusion of “we” is of most importance.

    “We” companies may simply use PR (talking with them) more effectively than they companies who rely mostly on advertising (talking to them). Each is nothing other than an attempt at consumer manipulation (aka marketing). The difference lies in the taste remaining in the customer’s mouth. But, in each instance the company is a self-serving entity.

  2. Craig, Cole Hardware is a good store, but they regularly block the sidewalk — it’s like spamming — doesn’t help bring about the type of world I’d prefer to see.

    (On-topic, I think there’s a great range of groupings, just like there’s a great range of individuals. Their behaviors all change in different situations too. Binary divisions of these are possible, but greatly debatable.)