PodCasting Catfight?


Looks like there is some sort of a podcasting catfight happening. Dave Winer is upset about something and rightly makes arguments about “insider conferences,” some of them designed to make business dudes feel like hackers. Anyway the cat fight is over Odeo, BlogMatrix, and PodShow, three apps that are supposed to make podcasting easy. I hope so… its very complicated right now. Doc is involved too, and so is Ross Rader. This is all very insider-ish stuff … really!



Om, I think you’re missing the point about bandwidth. Bandwidth, for all intents and purposes is becoming free, just look at the dog fight between SBC and BellSouth over DSL pricing. This is great for bandwidth intensive Web 2.0 companies, and there seems to be no shortage of them popping up. Take a closer look, video hasn’t killed the radio star, just like video should have killed the written word. Some people are more or less comfortable in front of a microphone instead of the camera, or the keyboard for that matter. For a variety of reasons, and I think podcasting will be more than an niche, when you consider the millions of people who commute every day and are starving for content any kind of content, not littered with annoying over produced commercials. The pod is it, it’s coming, maybe not for your ear, but it will be hear!

Om Malik

Chris i think you are the first person to hit the nail on the head. it is nothing more than a niche application and is much more bandwidth intensive, and wait till the bandwidth bills start killing your hosting plans. people are going to say – wait a minute. this ain’t that easy or cheap

Chris O'Donnell

This all seems to be much ado about nothing IMO. I’m not convinved that Podcasting will ever get beyond a niche application. Writing we all do everyday – which led to blogging. Taking pictures we all do everyday, which led to Flickr. Recording ourselves? It’s just not a part of the average persons life, and I don’t see it becoming an integral part either.

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