Too Many Remotes, or Harmony?

A proliferation of digital devices at home means that the unsightly collection of remotes in the living room is getting out of control. Personally I have about eight remotes at home – one each for TV, Stereo, DVD player, VCR (yeah I still have one,) Sonus Digital Music System, TiVo, Comcast set-top box, an old Sony Mini Disc deck. Cluttered is the word. Perhaps that’s why I am excited about the progress being made in the remote control technology. Logitech’s Harmony is pretty good, and the new upgrade is even better. The new Phillips Wi-Fi enabled remote sounds cool as well. Wired has the skinny on this one. It has remote codes for most of the devices on the market, and you can also use “the built-in Wi-Fi to control PCs, media streamers, and other compatible devices.” The only problem – $599 is just too much money to replace the free clickers.


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