Actiontec’s Internet Phone Wizard with Skype


Actiontec_skype_wizardSkype is still taking the VoIP world by storm and hardware that makes using the free service is appearing regularly it seems.  Actiontec has introduced the Internet Phone Wizard with Skype (IPWS) that makes it possible to use your standard land line phone with Skype.  The USB device plugs into a WinXP/2K computer and once you plug your phone into the IPWS you can make and receive Skype and SkypeOut calls from a normal phone.

(TomsNetworking via engadget)



A Vista driver is now available for the Internet Phone Wizard at

However, I have had no luck installing it so far. The setup wizard claims my IPW is not plugged in. Actiontec support has failed to help with getting past this and has so far only suggested to reinstall Skype and IPW, which doesn’t help.


The Internet Phone Wizard wont work with Windows Vista. Actiontec makes no promises to release a driver. If you use Vista or plan to I wouldn’t buy this product.

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