Fujitsu T4000 Tablet PC- now in SXGA


Lora points out that the Fujitisu LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is now available with a SXGA (1400×1050) screen for only $50 extra.  This is good news for those who feel that 1024×768 doesn’t provide enough screen real estate and now have an alternative to the Toshiba M200.  Kudos to Fujitsu!



Kevin C. Tofel

I have to agree with Marc as a fellow M205 owner; a dedicated video card with 32MB of RAM makes a world of difference. It’s a shame that Fujitsu doesn’t offer that as an option, however I highly recommend the 1400 x 1050 display. For any folks planning to purchase that option: see if you can get a look at that res in a store or on someone else’s Tablet. It can take some getting used to!

Eric Mack

Perhaps Fujitsu wants me to be YABHTU …

I just spoke with Fujitsu. Good news — they build to order in a week. Imagine that! (They also include free shipping & and a free scanner)

I posted an update at:

In addition to the shared graphics issue, they are using slower hard 4800 RPM hard drives. (why??) For $100 more, I can upgrade to a “fast” 5400 RPM drive. At least upgrading won’t add 3 weeks to delivery.

It would be great to get feedback from a current T4000 user.

Marc Orchant

It’s an alternative but the fact that they appear to be relying on shared graphics memory rather than using a dedicated video card suggest that video performance will still be better on the M200 which has a dedicated nVIDIA G-Force FX card w/32 MB of RAM.

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