Excellent article discusses using the Tablet PC on the road

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Jeff van West uses his Tablet PC as his primary computer as many Tablet owners do which provides a good basis for leveraging your Tablet during trips.  Jeff has written an article that covers his strategy for road use from backups to WiFi hotspots and it’s a good read.  He also gives a couple of stories about his life on the road with his Tablet PC.

(via WhatIsNew)

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Is there a place where I can read about the advantages of a tablet PC ? I have always thought of a tablet as a laptop that you can write on and I’d like to read some compelling reasons why I should consider purchasing a tablet instead of a laptop. As far as my job is concerned I could always use a tablet for taking notes but I use my PPC for that now and don’t really need the extra real estate for notes. Any other major reasons ?

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