ABC Nightline piece on Ireland

Nightline ran a great story last night that was right on time for St. Patrick’s Day today.  Certainly that was no coincidence.  The show was a great one that chronicled how Ireland has gone from a country in great turmoil 30 years ago to the Ireland it is today that was recently named the best place in the world to live by The Economist Magazine.  Over the years I have worked with many good people who were forced to leave Ireland due to the many troubles in their homeland and it was wonderful to see how things have improved to the point that many Irish have returned home to a great life.  The show demonstrated how immigrants are flocking to Ireland as there are far more jobs than workers to fill them.  They even visited Google’s headquarters in Ireland where they run their operation for all of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Great story and I felt it worth sharing this St. Patrick’s Day.  Have a nice enjoyable and safe holiday today.