The State of VoIP according to Ken Camp

Ken Camp is the author of a really good book about VoIP, IP Telephony Demystified, and his blog is a must read for me.  He recently wrote an excellent article about the current state of VoIP and who is actually benefiting the most from the non-telco supplied phone service- telcos.  Ken covers the VoIP services offered by Vonage, Skype and Freeworld Dialup, and admits he has found them all wanting.  Check out the article for an eye-opener about VoIP service in the US.

Watch the mobile market. Think untethered. Untethered Internet. Untethered telephony. Untethered communications. 3G and 4G wireless. Slow advances. EVDO. Things happening in this environment are slowly doing two things. Shifting the network away from traditional networking deployments (telcos and traditional ISPs) and shifting workstations to portable devices.


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