Remote patient monitoring with the Pocket PC


CardguardbpthmCard Guard and Samsung are exhibiting at the CTIA in New Orleans their joint effort to supply the healthcare industry with remote patient monitoring.

Samsung_i700Card Guard’s PMP4 healthcare monitors measure and transmit medical data via a Bluetooth card inserted into the SDIO slot of the Samsung i700 Pocket PC phone which then uploads the information to a dedicated Web-based medical center. The online medical center provides secure, private data protection, and a user-friendly interface that can be accessed by physicians and patients. The PMP4 product line includes an ECG heart monitor, lung function Spirometer, Pulse Oximeter, blood pressure devices, and an SDIO blood glucose monitor.

This is an effective way to monitor patients without requiring the medical professional to hang around the patient all the time and is a really nice use of the Pocket PC device.

(via WindowsForDevices)

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