Music Videos Unplugged… almost


CinemaNow just announced a new site called, where folks can see music videos from music labels such as Warner Music Group and TVT Records for between $1.99 and $2.99 for a permanent copy of each music video. The site will launch with 75 music videos with over 1,500 additional titles expected to be available by December. That’s a deplorable selection – rushed by the fact that Microsoft had to make some announcement at CTIA. In addition, MediaPass Network also is launching a new music video download service for Windows Mobile-based devices, that works on some sort of a subscription model. It has a whopping 10 videos to download. I wonder why folks launch half-baked products.

Couple of things to note – these services work on mobile devices/phones that use Windows (OS). Which means that you download these music video to your home computer, and then load them onto your handset. Sort of complicated process. I like Microsoft’s strategy here – let others spend their money on these services which may or may not catch on with customers – and hope in the process their DRM and phone technologies gain traction. In case you were wondering why Microsoft did not push for direct-to-mobile downloads – most of the Windows phones don’t support EDGE forget about UMTS. Its is going to take a long time before you download the videos and watch them. (Pocket PC-based phone that run on Verizon’s EV-DO network are brisk … very brisk!)


Om Malik

Palm One asleep at the wheel – you can see that tomorrow when their earnings are announced tomorrow.


Yeah, but they’re still WINDOWS phones with EVDO. Windows Mobile feels really awkward compared to PalmOS and Symbian OS. The sad thing, though, is that it’s a Windows phone (Samsung i730) that has all the specs I’m looking for in a smartphone. Where’s palmOne when you really need ’em?

Jonathan Greene

Nothing like another sucky Major label initiative. I am pretty sure that TVT is part of the Warner Music Group…

I don’t understand why labels think people will flock to their sites when for the most part non-collector listeners & viewers (who are not the target here or ever) don’t buy by label.

Of course when it’s this weak an offer, you have to think they were not thinking too much other than a test.

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