Music Videos Unplugged… almost

CinemaNow just announced a new site called, where folks can see music videos from music labels such as Warner Music Group and TVT Records for between $1.99 and $2.99 for a permanent copy of each music video. The site will launch with 75 music videos with over 1,500 additional titles expected to be available by December. That’s a deplorable selection – rushed by the fact that Microsoft had to make some announcement at CTIA. In addition, MediaPass Network also is launching a new music video download service for Windows Mobile-based devices, that works on some sort of a subscription model. It has a whopping 10 videos to download. I wonder why folks launch half-baked products.

Couple of things to note – these services work on mobile devices/phones that use Windows (OS). Which means that you download these music video to your home computer, and then load them onto your handset. Sort of complicated process. I like Microsoft’s strategy here – let others spend their money on these services which may or may not catch on with customers – and hope in the process their DRM and phone technologies gain traction. In case you were wondering why Microsoft did not push for direct-to-mobile downloads – most of the Windows phones don’t support EDGE forget about UMTS. Its is going to take a long time before you download the videos and watch them. (Pocket PC-based phone that run on Verizon’s EV-DO network are brisk … very brisk!)


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