Mp3 Player for VoIP Calls … huh?


Dumb devices like this never fail to amaze me. Some dope heads have come up with a MP3 player that allows customers to make VoIP calls if and only if the device is connected to a PC using a USB cable. Like we cannot do the same using a software installed on a PC. The company in question – Ezmax of South Korea is generously bundling a microphone with the device. Anyway more on this dumb device from PC World


Om Malik

no it doesn’t. it means that average joe has a mp3 player with him all the time or will be carrying a laptop all the time. not so. and i am still trying to figure out how many grandmas carry mp3 players and travel all the time.

Nikhil Bobb

This type of device is actually quite smart, as it allows the average Joe to easily make their VoIP service portable. To technocrats this may seem stupid, but consider that this makes portable VoIP a reality for your grandma.

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