Microsoft’s mysterious Magneto?


When the rumors of Microsoft’s new portable OS emerged, we first heard the phrase Magneto. Then someone told me that no silly its not the OS, but its a codename for the next version of Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology, which will be a “RIM killer.” (What’s with everyone trying to kill off this tiny company which despite $2 billion or so in sales, still can’t get no respect. Where were these sharpies when RIM was inventing the genre? Oh never mind!) It will let people sync their PIM information and get email wirelessly without being in office. (That is as long as you used Exchange Server that is!) Apparently Microsoft was supposed to do a low key “beta leak” at CTIA but have not released it yet! In other words, its not ready. It could have been delayed, so what’s new! Some say it will be out in June 2005. Any insights people?

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