Kevin Martin, the new FCC head


Kevin Martin has been named the new head of FCC by President Bush. “I am deeply honored to have been designated as the next Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and I thank President Bush for this distinct privilege,” he said in a statement. “I thank Chairman Powell for his excellent stewardship of this agency, and I look forward to continuing his efforts in bringing the communications industry into the 21st Century.”

The good news is that he is going to push hard for broadband deployment and VoIP and other new technologies. The bad news is that he is going to be watching the television guys with a hawkeye and will be the digital nanny who is tougher than the outgoing FCC chairman, Michael Powell. The murky news is that he is going take sides with the incumbents and push for a rewrite of the Telecom Act of 1996. “He will soon take a front seat at the technology revolution. Ultimately, everything the FCC does must serve the public interest and benefit consumers, and I am confident he will be vigilant in pursuing these goals,” Chairman Powell said.


Herbert Hoover

Who allowed the FCC to give cable cos the right to do away with analog transmission, thereby causing many tvs to become obsolete and being junked in toxic waste- full or lead and mercury- where will they be put in our good earth.

Robert Young


Do you know what the likely implications will be on spectrum policy with this appointment? I can’t remember whether he’s for opening them up or not.

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