DSL users – 100 million and counting

Did you know that one new subscriber signs up for DSL service somewhere on the planet every second? Don’t be surprised because the technology is gaining so much traction that there are more than 100 million DSL users worldwide. According to market research firm, Point Topic the total DSL market grew 60% in 2004. In last two months alone 4 million have signed up. The fastest growing DSL market – Turkey with 725% growth in 2004, followed by Czech Republic with 589% growth. Chinese market only doubled ;-).

Tim Johnson of Point Topic said: “While ADSL continues to dominate current DSL connectivity, deployment increasingly includes newer DSL options. ADSL2plus is rapidly growing in Sweden, Norway and France, with trials beginning in the USA and services coming on-stream in the Netherlands in 2005. This is increasingly the basis for triple play services. VDSL had at least 5 million connections by the end of 2004 – mostly in South Korea, Japan and China. VDSL2, delivering 100 Mbps over a single phone line, may provide new impetus when that is standardized in May 2005. We are also starting to see increased roll out of symmetric DSL services, with 1.2 million subscribers worldwide by the end of 2004.”


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