UPDATE: eWeek Confirms Tiger in April?


Well, at least “according to sources close to [Apple]”.

April 1st is not confirmed or denied as the announcement date (while it IS April Fool’s Day, it’s also the anniversary of the Apple I…) of the Tiger release, but mid April does seem to be the agreed-upon time for Tiger to be available in stores.

Read eWeek’s article here.

While I’m as excited as the next Mac fanatic, I hope Apple’s not being over-zealous, and that Tiger will be properly squared-away for the final Gold Master release. I’m just still hearing a few too many similar opinions from ADC testers that the recent Tiger releases aren’t looking like a finished product.
I love getting the software as soon as it’s available (release party baby!) but if it’s going to be buggy, that’s really a hamper on things.

Guess we’ll wait and see.

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