The Bit Report, March 15


  • The SBC IPOs Coming: No silly, I meant Session Border Controller initial public offerings are on deck for 2005. Or buyouts for that matter.
  • MCI-Q Not such a good idea: Robert Saunders of Eastern Management Group says the combination is a bad idea if there was any.
  • Colubris got money: WLAN switch company gets another $15 million in third round of funding, Dixon Doll is on the board now.
  • Broadband helps out NTL, helps cut losses aplenty but that doesn’t mean the bad news is over. Still has 1.33 million subscribers in UK.
  • WiMAX, 3G Cellular and WiFi, all in one. Bel-Air Networks is putting out a total buzzword compliant product in the market.
  • Optical Network Hardware demand, slowly inching up. “Service providers are depending more and more on DWDM and CWDM for a range of access applications, and are starting to build more metro rings, increasing their dependence on WDM as the eventual basic metro transport layer. ROADM technology will further facilitate this trend,” says Infonetics principal analyst Michael Howard.

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