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TabletpcalbumcoverI had a lot of fun recording this edition of The Tablet PC Show with special guest co-host Marc Orchant. Marc and I discuss everything from Googgy Software to detachable screens and a range of topics in between. We hope you enjoy this show and please give us feedback as this is your show and we want to give you what you want to hear so let us know your thoughts.

The Tablet PC Show #2 – 15th March 2005 (56min 56sec): MP3 – 19.6MB

00:00 Intro

00:30 Welcome co-host Marc Orchant

March madness in the US, Microsoft NCAA templates

The Tablet PC Weblog, The Office Weblog, Marc’s Outlook on Productivity, The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog

The Office Weblog is not just for Office anymore, The J-Walk Blog

Editing the Red Couch Book

The art of being persuasive, jkOnTheRun

08:15 Apology to Lora, Loren and Layne Heiny, the first family of Tablet PCs

09:55 Marc’s Toshiba Portege M205

11:20 Convertibles and slates and friendly debates

HP tc1100 and the detachable keyboard

The high resolution Toshiba screen and dedicated video

14:30 One million Tablet PCs sold

Scoble quote of the day

Where’s the marketing?

Agilix GoBinder knows the market

18:00 CeBIT- Tatung shows a new Tablet w/ Sonoma chipset

22:20 Cheap Tablet PCs from Toshiba

Toshiba’s and HP’s continued support for the Tablet

Why doesn’t Sony make a Tablet?

28:08 Toshiba detachable display

32:05 Googgy Software from Iggy Kin

Tablet GTD– Marc gets a plug in for Getting Things Done

GTD discussion forum

GTD Zone

Tablet PC Launcher– Alt-tab!

TwoNote– free note taking app from Googgy. OneNote Lite.

43:40 MaxiVista using other computer displays with the Tablet


Marc gets things done, again.

51:40 MicroCenter print ad- Averatec TPC for $1199

Used Tablet PCs and how to buy them confidently

techADDICTION– early adopter’s syndrome

54:15 Wrapping up

Go Orange!

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