OrangeGuava video available

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OrangeGuava is one of the coolest applications available for the TabletPC but if it has one problem it is that the program is so hard to describe to those who haven’t tried it.  Developer Tom Clarkson realizes this and he recently demonstrated the program at the DEMO conference so he made a video of the demonstration that is now available on his web site.  If you are curious what the buzz is about you should definitely check out the video.  Tom shows everything you can do quickly and easily in OrangeGuava and if you watch closely you will see how OG interacts with ActiveWords.


(This is only a screen capture- you cannot run the video here)

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Good video. I’ve had the trial on my tablet for a week and am loving the program. Wish there was better initial documentation on the web site though. I’m definitely going to be keeping it.

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