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Text of P Diddy’s Speech: Give Them King-Kong Content

Alright, the speech in itself didn’t make a lot of sense, but here it is, in text. The audio is here
P Diddy: I Am An MVNO
“As I stand here, the best way to describe how I feel is that I’ve arrived this morning to a party that’s been going on all night. I’ve been doing my thing in records, films and acting, while you all have been playing with your cellphones. Now all of a sudden, it is all about the cellphones…cellphones, cellphones, cellphones. Now I know the party has been going on for some time, and even though I am late, I am right on time. You know the party doesn’t usually start before I get there….
So let’s take this party to the next level, ’cause in a minute cellphones are going to let people listen to my music, watch my films, buy my clothes and learn about my politics. Wherever they are, whenever they want.
But how will we do that. We could all walk through the newsstand and tell the guy: we want one copy of every magazine, so that we have all the info we have. But nobody does that. We read magazines so that they filter all the cr*ap out there and tell you what you need. We pay them money to do this…we trust them.
People are going to buy phones, subscriptions and downloadsâ