Sony’s Pret a PSP

There is word that Sony has lined up all sorts of fashion people to design accessories for its PlayStation Portable device. Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Coach, Baby Phat, and Charlotte Ronson are some of those who have signed up for a special fashion show, Engadget reports. Even Christian Dior is getting into the game and will make digital accessories. They are looking at the wild success of iPod and all the high-end digital accessories that flew off the shelves, and well want to rip-off the idea. PSP and iPod are as different as cricket and baseball. iPod became popular with the Hollywood set, aka non-tech people and celebrities, leading to a demand for those high end accessories. PSP on the other hand is a device that is first and foremost for the gamer-set. Its a tad too complicated and I suspect it will be a little whole before it gets some crossover appeal ala iPod. However, if hip-hop Nation loves it, well then someone better start churning out diamond encrusted snake skin cases. (more celebrity gossip and trend watching at PopSugar.)


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