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CTIA: MLB Selects MobiTV As Mobile Video, Radio Distributor

MLB Advanced Media and Idetic’s MobiTV have a landmark three-year exclusive deal that builds on last year’s Mobi-MLB Gameday Audio offer. Subscribers can listen live to every game, choosing from home or away. As I wrote yesterday, the radio service will be available on opening day but the streaming video service won’t go live until later in the season; it will be subject to standard blackout rules. Other parts of the package include game video highlights and “the most comprehensive unique non-multimedia” mobile baseball content with game photos, stories from’s 40 stringers, live division standings, pitching and hitting leaderboards, live box scores, screen savers, ringtones and team logo wallpaper. No carriers announced but the companies expect to be on most major systems in time for the first pitch of the season.
If carriers aren’t on the same time schedule now, they will want to be as soon as fans hear about the new package. This is the kind of content that drives consumer choices. I should know.
I’m meeting with Mobi later today … I’m a subscriber so have a dual interest in wanting to hear more about the business plan for this service. Will I have to pay extra? I’ll let you know. Will I pay extra? Different question.