Bitstream announces ThunderHawk 2.0


Th_smartphoneBitstream has announced the availability of ThunderHawk 2.0 for both the Pocket PC and Smartphone.  ThunderHawk is a web browser and service that provides the best browsing experience for mobile device with small screens.  Version 2.0 provides the following features:

  • Effortless scrolling. Fast, fluid Web page navigation.
  • Increased speed. Download ThunderHawk directly to your Smartphone for the fastest mobile Web page speeds available.
  • Multiple viewing options. "Full screen" and "split screen" viewing options make information easy to find, and easy to read.
  • The ability to read information on-the-fly. ThunderHawk’s compact transport format and progressive rendering creates a fast, positive user experience.
  • Seamless connectivity. With ThunderHawk 2.0, a dropped connection is re-established immediately, along with any data you previously entered.
  • Proxy authentication support. For corporations and other organizations utilizing a private base station, ThunderHawk 2.0 provides proxy authentication support.

A 30 day trial is available on the ThunderHawk web site.

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