USB drives are en vogue

A long time ago, when I started out in this business of writing about technology, I remember getting big packages from technology companies with a lot of paper – press releases, customer testimonials and power points, printed and nicely collated. A few years into the Internet revolution, most of the stuff started to show up as email attachments. The file sizes increased and clogged the email clients. Next came everything burned onto a nice CD and now there is something new happening – most companies are passing out USB drives crammed with all the information that is needed for a big press launch.

The size of these USB flash drives varies from 32 to 64 megabytes and I am assuming its only going to increase. Its fairly cheap to hand these out – I am assuming less than $10 for a 64 megabyte drive. I now have a collection of two dozen of these drives – varying in shapes and sizes – from companies big (Texas Instruments) and small (Six Apart.) I hated carrying around the big folders and dead trees in my bag, but these drives are actually easy to carry and easy to catalog. So anyone who came up with this idea – hat tip to ya!


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