Paris Hilton’s New Love – VZ


Paris Hilton, like all jilted lovers is on a rebound and has swooned right into the arms of T-Mobile rival, Verizon. Reporting from CTIA, MobilePlaya says that Hilton,

“Starting in April, the “country’s two wildest interns”–Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie–will be the stars of 26 one-minute mobisodes on Verizon’s new VCast 3G service. The presentation featured a one minute clip of an upcoming episode and, amazingly, it was funny.

Dumb blondes on cell phones, as the ad says, Brilliant! VZ is trying to figure out the rules of the game with CTIA and FCC for the “adult content” on 3G networks, the kind of content which is going to boost 3G adoption.

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